Passport to Purpose - 7 Steps to Reconnecting With Your Authentic Self

Depending on where you are in your journey, you're either grieving the loss of the purpose that motherhood gave you, or you're past the grieving stage and know that there's more for you in life, but you don't know how to figure out what.

Before you can figure out what your next step is, you need to know how to reconnect with yourself, and explore who you are and what you want. 

But how?

Passport to Purpose is a 7-step system to help you do just that in under a week!

Don't waste another minute struggling in confusion.

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10 Modules


Get the support you need and make new friends! Join us in the private group on Facebook to interact with amazing people going through some of the same experiences you are. See you there!


Here are the bonuses and other files for you to download. Included are:

  1. Quick Start Checklist
  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Passport to Purpose
  3. Recommended Book List
  4. BONUS #1: Begin Your Inner Journey Workbook
  5. BONUS #2: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Checklist
  6. BONUS #3: Do or Don't Decision Maker
  7. BONUS #4: Problem Solving Tree

Please note: You do not need these to do the work. You can keep them here to reference later, or download them and save them to your device.

The Table of Contents is handy to refer to when you want to revisit a certain lesson but don't remember where it is.



I rely on your feedback to help me improve my products and services. Please be candid and let me know about your experience with Passport to Purpose.

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