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MidLife Compass

By following the prompts and doing the work, this simple yet powerful tool can be used over and over again to calibrate your life and make sure you're on the right path. 

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2020 Vision Goal Achieving Resources

Learn how to develop a plan to achieve your goals instead of setting goals and watching them come and go with no progress made - that's just depressing.

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Midlife to Best Life Community

Get the support and feedback you need to transition to your best life. There's no reason to go it alone. We lift each other up and reach our goals faster with support. 

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Client Testimonials

Here's where you can see what others are saying about working with Carmen. A testimonial is the best way to "tip" someone who's helped you move forward in your life.

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Midlife Strategy Session

You'll be able to walk away with a plan of action to help you turn your worries into stepping stones toward the life of your dreams. 1-hour session: $150.00 USD.

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Get Farther Faster with Four Sessions

Save 20%! Package of four 1-hour sessions: $480.00 USD. This package allows you to dive deep, and unpack what's going on in your life over a period of time.

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